Welcome to the official Royal Hong Kong Police Association website, which provides information on the background and organisation of the Association, its activities and qualifications for membership.

The Hong Kong Police was established in 1844, to replace the existing unsatisfactory policing arrangements of the preceding three years, and continued as a British colonial police force until the sovereignty of Hong Kong reverted to China in 1997.

Members of the Force fought and died in both World Wars, in Europe and the Far East.

In 1969, in recognition of its valour and steadfastness during the civil emergency of 1967, during which ten members of the Force were killed on duty and others wounded, H.M The Queen was graciously pleased to grant the Hong Kong Police the title ‘Royal’ and HRH Princess Alexandra consented to become, in an honorary capacity, the Commandant General of the Royal Hong Kong Police.

At the reversion of sovereignty, with the authority of the Commissioner of Police and the consent of the Hong Kong Government, the Royal Hong Kong Police Commemorative Medal was struck, which may be worn by all who served in the RHKP and its predecessors prior to the hand over.  The full size medal may be worn on ceremonial occasions, including Remembrance Sunday, and the miniature may be worn at formal dinners where miniatures are permitted.  This medal had to be applied for and paid for at the time of issue in 1997.  A finite number were struck by Spink of London based on the number ordered.  Once this was done the dies were destroyed.  The medal does occasionally appear for sale on the Internet.

Today the Hong Kong Police continues in existence as the police force of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the Peoples Republic of China, in which a number of expatriate officers continue to serve.

The Association greatly values and appreciates its links with and the continuing support of the  Hong Kong Police.