Medical Forum Access

Over the years and as a result of talking to a lot of people suffering from a variety of long term illnesses, it is readily apparent that some, particularly in the initial stages of dealing with an illness can get a lot of comfort and support from others who are either going through the treatment themselves or have completed the treatment. In fact, many have got comfort and a great deal of support through such communication. Whilst the medics will give an individual a general picture of what to expect and the major effects of some treatment they can gloss over some of the nuances and small practical difficulties that people can experience as well as simply not knowing what actually happens on entering a treatment room and what to expect.

Whilst some are very private regarding such matters and deal with the issues and problems in their own way many are quite happy to discuss and talk about their individual experiences and are ready to give support and advice.

We have set up on the RHKPA webpage two forums which are restricted one for males and one for females (other genders added as necessary!!-sic) with the express intention of establishing a means amongst our members of communicating such medical issues or as a point of contact for those wishing to participate. It is obviously purely voluntary and only intended for those who have had issues in the past or who are currently or concluded such treatments.

These matters are of course highly confidential and the specific forums will be password protected and restricted to members who request access from a Committee Member with a brief reason for making such a request as well as an undertaking not to copy, forward or publish such matters and identities anywhere, whether by digital, written or verbal means. Once submitted and agreed the member will be given access to the specific forum. This is just to ensure confidentiality of the content and the individuals posting.

Please note the female forum will only be monitored by the female member of the Committee – No male with have access.

Any issues with the forums please contact either Barry Jones the Secretary, Dave O’Brien the Welfare Office, or Isobel Kieran.

Please download, sign and return the form here – Medical Forums